Vivien Richter


Vivien Richter is a German entrepreneur, industry expert & former restaurant manager. Among others, she has worked with Michelin-starred chefs like Tim Raue** and Daniel Achilles** in the past.

In 2014 she founded and financed Seatris, a software company to solve industry challenges in restaurant management and help service teams and managers to optimise their seating allocation, booking engine and technology setup.
Now in 2017 Vivien is challenging the status quo of restaurant tech and applies machine learning in table- and booking management, as well as connectivity of different services for a smarter restaurant tech stack.

Vivien''s mission: to hand back control over the restaurant of the future to the restauranteur through data-driven restaurant management, virtual assistance and recommendation for the restaurant team. The restaurant of the future is as digital as it lives through a great service philosophy, driven by a smart team of people. Seatris connects both.

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