Jim Hourihan

Hotel Compliance

If you are an owner or manager of a hotel
you well know the struggle to (be compliant) and to (stay compliant) in all aspects of Health & Safety, Food Safety, Fire Safety, Licencing, Staff employment and recruitment and including maintenance, and public safety.
Now, just for a moment, think about
the paperwork, the hours in labour, and the costs involved for your hotel to be compliant and stay compliant in all those areas…
then, imagine the
compliance auditor visiting your premises today and he/she starts making notes on the kitchen, the bar, the stairs, the fire escapes, the licencing signs, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the fire risks, the health & safety for the staff and the public, along with the general condition of the building and whatever else.
Now Ask yourself
would you be confident that your hotel would be compliant? Or would you have that sickening gut feeling that your about to receive a list as long as your arm of non-compliant items and what that all means.
The Cost & Time to resolve is one matter, but now your reputation is brought into disrepute.
That my friends is an all too common occurrence in the hotel industry and although there are about 15 Governing Bodies, many as paid memberships, out there with amazing information for you to READ, RETAIN, UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD, SHARE SAVE AND PRINT... and train your staff about… IT ENDS THERE!!!
Now Has it made you (be compliant) and helped you (stay compliant) …. we doubt it very much.
But let’s say
you heard of a tool no more than 6 inches by two inches thick (I’m talking about a mobile phone) and it solved the problem, made you compliant in all those areas and, saved you time and money …. In the simplest of ways… as well as increased awareness of your responsibility as regards compliance
Would you look a little closer!!! If the answer is yes, then the Hotel Compliance App is for you
Speaker Biography
Currently, been in business for over 30 years, with a portfolio of 3 large units in the bathroom, tile and plastics industry, 6 luxury apartments and 1 luxury cottage. With several staff to look after I use the Hotel Compliance app, specifically set for my requirements and the benefits are as mentioned and more.
I would go as far and say,
If the Grenville tower block management group had used this very app, the cladding materials would not have got on the wagon, let alone be delivered to the site, and today. 80 lives would still be alive.
So, it’s very important to us that you: Be Compliant, Stay Compliant… and yes … It’s Easy!
We would now like to use the next 10/15 minutes as a “question and answer session”
(end by saying)
Thank you for your time, we hope we have answered your questions but please come and chat to us, that’s what we are here for and we are happy to make appointments and follow up interest.

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Be Compliant, Stay Compliant… It’s Easy!

Can I ask you as an audience to be involved in this little exercise and just give a listening ear for 5 minutes… WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!