Chris Jolliffe

Head of Sales - Tevalis

In the last four years, Chris has worked in all departments at Tevalis. In result, he knows first-hand the process clients go through and therefore has a real understanding of Epos at all stages - from buying to implementing and the support afterwards. Now, as Head of Sales, he’s responsible for travelling around the UK to meet prospective clients to ensure that they have the right technology solutions in place to benefit their business operations.

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Tevalis Talking Tech

Tevalis is the UK’s leader in supplying an innovative range of industry developed Epos technology software and hardware platforms. With a growing client base of over 5000+ systems installed and with a growing global presence, we have deployed our solutions into all sectors from Fine Dining Restaurants, Nightclubs and Pubs, Hotels to Casinos, Theatres and Stadia. Specifically designed for the hospitality industry, we also offer an advanced suite of management tools designed to increase profits and margins through improved stock management controls whilst also providing operational and business transparency with our business reporting module. We also offer Centralised Management for those with plural sites, CRM and our newly developed Cash Management module. So, what will we be speaking about in this seminar? Chris will be speaking with visitors about the main advantages of the latest portfolio of products on the market, showing operators in the industry the technology that will be best suited for their business specifically.