Bruno Lanvin

Dmbook Pro

Bruno Lanvin graduated from French catering school in 2007 and worked as a manager in various upscale hotels across Europe since. Over the last 10 years, Bruno saw the rise of customer focus technology disrupting the industry, while the back of house workflows remained untouched. In 2013, while working to achieve a 5-star rating in a boutique hotel in Paris, he discovered the imbalance between front and back of house technology was a great source of frustration both for our hotel guest and our teams. Bruno then started to focus on the "staff journey" as a way to improve the quality of service rather than the "guest journey".

After more research, Bruno left hotels to create Dmbook Pro in 2016: the first digital hotel manager assistant. Dmbook Pro is entirely focused on the back of the house. The application helps hoteliers manage the hotels efficiently through a single pain of glass.

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