Aly Thompson


Aly Thompson leads a team of Industry Managers for Europe and English-speaking markets at trivago, a leading hotel metasearch that receives 1.4 billion visits per year, resulting in 487 million qualified referrals to booking sites and hotels, for approximately 1.3 million hotels in over 190 countries.

She’s part of trivago’s Hotel Relations team; a unit that is reinventing the way trivago connects with hoteliers worldwide through its core product, trivago Hotel Manager (tHM). Her goal is to establish trivago as the number one marketing channel for hoteliers, to empower them to boost their ranking on trivago and drive bookings directly to their hotel websites.

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Empowering hotels in the online world

The guest experience begins the moment the inspiration to travel strikes, and an increasing number of travellers pursue that inspiration online. trivago Business Intelligence predicts that online hotel bookings will overtake offline bookings in less than 10 years.This online journey takes them through different customer stages, every one of which presents the hotelier with an opportunity to enhance the guest experience and encourage bookings. But many hoteliers are not capitalising on these opportunities. They’re missing out on bookings because they’re not leveraging the channels and technology available to them to create a seamless guest experience. In this seminar, we’ll explain how hoteliers can streamline their operations and enhance their online marketing activities to optimise the entire guest experience and drive more direct bookings as a result.