Kristian Valk


Kristian Valk, co-founder of Hotelchamp, combines 14 years of experience in highly competitive markets where he founded more than 50 webshops. Since selling his successful e-commerce business at the end of 2014, he joined fellow co-founder Kasper Middelkoop to establish Hotelchamp. Kristian and his team of 50+ employees have already helped more than 1000 hotels from over 35 countries boosting their direct bookings.

Kristian’s ambition is to help hotels worldwide gain more direct bookings and restore a fair balance between their direct channels and third parties.

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Personalisation & Persuasion, the Key to Increase Direct Bookings

Globally, hotels are searching for solutions to improve sales through their direct channels along with strengthening guest experience. With a majority of people booking hotels online, technology has become the ultimate disruptor where hoteliers need to align their strategy to compete fairly. By combining personalization and persuasion methods, we are making guest experiences unique and individual for every hotel website visitor. Learn how to engage and interact with your potential guests and optimize your direct channels to gain back control over your revenue, profitability, customer engagement and data!