Bill Garrity


Bill is the co-founder of Engage the UK’s premier digital signage solutions provider. He has over 15 years of media and marketing expertise with some of the world’s largest brands including Subway, McDonald’s, Google, Marriott and Freudenberg. Bill is passionate about emerging technologies, new media and how companies must respond to an ever-changing digital world.

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The internet has changed consumer behavior in how we consume media and entertainment. We need to shift our mindsets and understand WE ARE ALL MEDIA CO

The continuing digital transformation of media is turning every business, no matter the industry, into a media company in addition to the product or service they specialize in. We have the ability to connect, engage, and inform customers via social media and other digital platforms with unparalleled data-driven insights. Businesses are no longer incumbent upon traditional media to reach audiences rather you own your own network and choose the channels that are unique to you. Bill will show you how you can build your companies digital network to enhance customer experiences and drive revenue.