• Olivia Byrne
    Eccleston Square Hotel

    Panel - The Game-Changing Innovations and Trends for 2018

  • Thomas Magnuson
    Magnuson Hotels

    There is an alternative to Franchising

  • Magdalena Osmola
    Macdonald Monchique Resort, Portugal - Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

    Integrated Marketing for New Hotel Opening

  • Arthur Waller

    How does data influence hospitality industry decisions?

  • Olivier Derycke
    Set on Investment

    Panel - Shaping the Hotel of Tomorrow & Creating an Experience to Remember

  • Joel Montaniel


  • Kevin Fliess
    Cvent Hospitality Cloud

    Coming soon...

  • Nathan Gyaneshwar

    3 lessons for electronic ordering and invoice automation success

  • Jonathan Sharp
    Britannic Technologies ltd

    Harness The Power Of The Connected Guest

  • Julien Touraine
    Availpro SAS

    Fresh Trends of the hotel Industry

  • Alex Shashou

    Panel Session - Guest Personalization

  • Chris Jones
    Icon UK


  • James King

    "Digitalize your hotel operations - how hotels can act now"

  • David Beasley
    VIP Worldwide

    A Hoteliers Guide to Virtual Reality, Film and Video Marketing for the Hospitality Industry

  • Torsten Sabel
    CA Customer Alliance

    Reputation Management - Turning reviews into revenue

  • Jon Snilsberg

    Discussing the business value of truly integrated hospitality software platforms

  • Bill Garrity

    The internet has changed consumer behavior in how we consume media and entertainment. We need to shift our mindsets and understand WE ARE ALL MEDIA CO

  • Chris Petty
    NewBook PMS

    What is the next technological leap in the hotel industry?

  • Dan Mayer
    NET Coverage Solutions Ltd

    Panel Debate - Building Loyalty Through Technology

  • Eyal Katz

    Panel Session - Shaping The Hotel of Tomorrow

  • Ram Mohan

    Winning in the Group and Meeting Segment

  • Sonny Mohanty

    Panel Session - Increasing Revenue

  • Kristian Valk

    Personalisation & Persuasion, the Key to Increase Direct Bookings

  • Julian Vaughan
    PROFITROOM UK / Journey

    Everything you need to know to increase your conversion rate

  • Anthony Eskinazi

    Drive revenue from your car park without damaging your brand

  • Pantelis Kasimatis
    MCOM Media Communications LTD

    Panel Debate - Customer Experience: Creating an Experience to Remember

  • Anthony Eskinazi

    Panel Debate - Increasing Revenue

  • Griff Holland

    Loyalty & Customer Engagement

  • Christopher Fung
    Crussh – Fit Food & Juice Bars

    What Chia Seeds taught me about Success and the Future of FoodTech?

  • Daniel Shearman
    Soundtrack Your Brand

    The impact of music on sales in restaurants

  • Chris Jolliffe

    Tevalis Talking Tech

  • Danny Clarke
    ELAS Business Support

    Panel Debate - Health and Safety

  • John Staunton
    Countr POS

    The future of (omnichannel) retail

  • Peter Edwards

    Brand Fragmentation - Brand Shop Windows - The changing ways consumers engage with brands

  • Patience Tagborlo

    The future of mobile ordering in hospitality

  • Warren Mansfield-Smith
    Testo Limited

    Are you ready for your next EHO visit?

  • Florin Mandache
    Migsoft Ltd.

    Restaurant Tech. Live

  • Ross Musgrove
    Emerging Payments Association

    Helping the hospitality industry enhance payment and data security

  • Iain Wilcox

    Serving up success through location-based mobile marketing

  • Charlie Roberts

    How implementing an Online Reputation Management (ORM) Program will drive more revenues?

  • Eyal Katz

    Panel Session - Shaping The Hotel of Tomorrow

  • Fayez Nadem
    Global Source Group

    Panel Session - Customer Experience: Creating an Experience to Remember

  • Jasmine Edwin Emerson
    ReachRobo UK

    Panel Session - Essential Knowledge to Grow Your Business

  • Jonathan White
    Desire Marketing

    Panel Session - Digital Marketing: Using the Right Channels to Promote Your Brand

  • Julia Platia
    Feed It Back

    Panel Session - Customer Experience: Creating an experience to Remember

  • Nick Telson

    Panel Session - The Digital Dining Revolution

  • Steve Elcock

    Panel Session - Shaping the Restaurant of Tomorrow

  • Dmytro Kostyk
    Interactive Restaurant Technology by Kodisoft

    Digital transformation of a dining

  • Nathan Gyaneshwar

    3 lessons for electronic ordering and invoice automation success

  • Andrew Wolmark
    Tipps Ltd

    Panel Debate - The Game-Changing Innovations for 2018

  • Hayley Khan
    Appetite Learning

    Panel Debate - Do''s and Don''ts of effective talent acquisition

  • Chris Schroeder
    BlueRunner Solutions

    Panel Debate - Customer Experience: Creating an experience to remember

  • Ilkka Seppänen
    Siru Mobile

    The mobile challenge before the restaurant industry: How can businesses capitalize on the mobile trend?

  • Danny Girnun
    Merchant Money

    Panel Debate - Essential Knowledge to Grow Your Business

  • Neil Bradley
    Food Safe System

    Can Tech Save the Restaurant

  • Ankit Mehrotra

    Are Restaurants today suffering from a TECHNOLOGY OVERLOAD? Find out how to deal with it

  • Mike Talbot

    Driving Exceptional Engagement for Restaurants using Interactive Digital Content

  • Dean Sadler

    Panel Debate - The Do''s and Dont''s of Effective Talent Acquisition

  • Sumit Agarwal
    DNS Accountants

    GUARANTEED RECIPE TO A SUCCESSFUL HOSPITALITY BUSINESS - the vital ingredients you cannot afford to miss!

  • Peter Lukes

    Delivering a great restaurant experience in the “Digital Age”

  • Hayley Freedman
    CHARGit UK

    How wireless charging technology can benefit the hospitality industry

  • Sarah King
    Orcinus Recruit Ltd

    The Skills Shortage – Where will you find your next Chef?

  • Mr Yousaf Shah

    Make the cloud work for your Restaurant

  • Baird Kleinsmith
    Paymentsense Ltd

    Integrated Payments – The Next Wave in Restaurant Payment Innovation

  • Tobi Schneidler

    Teaching Tech With Tablets - Improve Customer Engagement Through Higher Staff Adoption

  • Irin Maini / Vishaal Vadher
    Viva App Ltd

    Mobile payments & Technological innovations within the bar industry

  • Lucian Cramba

    HoReCa Revolution ( The Waiter in your Pocket )

  • Ohad Jehassi
    Lavu Inc.

    Using Technology to Power Restaurant Profits

  • Patrick Clover

    The Importance of Mobile Marketing