Domonetio is a leading company in the field of home and building automation, specializing in KNX technology and offering training, consulting services and product distribution. We know the importance of the small details, the time and the quality in the service. That is why, with passion for our work, we try to achieve excellence in what we do. In our offices in Barcelona and Bogotá DC you will find a Human Team by and for the home automation system integrator.

At Domonetio we are committed to you, to your business, and to your customers. We offer to the professional everything he/she needs to carry out your projects of home and building automation. We are specialized in the KNX standard technology. This is what we offer you:

• KNX certified training: KNX++ Training Center. KNX Certified courses: Basic, Advanced, and Tutor. But also courses about DALI technology, KNX marketing, KNX visualizations, KNX entrepreneurship, etc.
• Specialized Consulting: More than 10 years experience. We help you to make your KNX projects done, from scratch to the end. You set the limits. From a piece of advice to a full deployment
• KNX products Wholesaler: We bring you more than 40,000 different products and all you need to get your projects done. Online payments, i.e., credit card. Worldwide distribution
• Media Partner: is media partner for several events. Furthermore, we offer banner services, video reports, press releases and all you need to spread your products and services.

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