The Nook Pod Meeting Zone at Hotel Tech Live

Nook Pod Meeting Zone

Looking for a semi private or quiet space for a meeting with a potential colleague, prospect or client? Then the Nook Pod Meeting Zone is the perfect place for you! Every Nook Pod will be open to visitors and exhibitors during Hotel Tech Live.

With six Nook Pods available on STAND 5080, come along to reserve your time slot. Be quick as they will fill up fast!

Introducing the Nook & The Nookery

Business is all about people. Most organisations believe in the fundamentals of equipping its workforce with the best tools available and within budget. They strive to explore new and emerging business models to ensure they understand all new market opportunities, and ways to make their own business more effective. We appreciate and applaud that approach.

Nook pods are about powering people. About enabling great connections through intimacy and comfort. They are about agility of task, modularity of components and efficiency in space and time.

Nook pods are proven to compliment modern brands, enabling their mission to empower their people to make great connections and to give their customers unique and valuable experiences.

A Nookery is a pop-up meeting & networking space, tailored to events, hotel lobbies, shopping malls & transport hubs. Wheeled fully built in to place and adorned with exhibitor, sponsor or customer branding - the Nookery allows a space to become a place where people connect, make deals, do work, network and socialise. A tailored Nookery is available to your business to hire today.

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