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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Beekeeper connects and empowers entire workforces anywhere, anytime

Communicating with every single employee in an efficient way that inspires and informs is a complicated task for organizations. Solving this challenge is the passion of Swiss-based startup Beekeeper. Beekeeper is an employee communication app that includes non-desk workforces in daily communication across entire organizations, within work groups and peer-to-peer messaging. Their mission is to help people work better together by amplifying internal communication and integrating existing operational systems. 

Most company-relevant information is sent to employees via email or intranet and excludes non-desk employees without email addresses or access to a computer on the job. In most cases, this leaves the majority uninformed and disconnected from the rest of the organization. The lack of real-time communication to everyone, everywhere obstructs the path to positive corporate culture, employee satisfaction and ultimately to overall productivity. 

The solution – an app that inspires people to work better together

A pilot project with FRHI Hotels & Resorts served as the beta test for Beekeeper's Employee Communication Hub. The centralized hub aggregates a company's existing systems into the Beekeeper app and is readily available to everyone or permission-based access to selected systems. “We believe that people operate at their greatest potential when they feel a connection to a company. Engaging employees at every level and every location can create a positive corporate culture and ultimately satisfied customers," said Cristian Grossmann, CEO of Beekeeper. 

The app – intuitive design, system integrations, and intelligent chatbots

The Beekeeper app is particularly powerful thanks to its intuitive interface and comprehensive platform. The visual design is customized to reflect the client's brand just as features are aligned to address the customer’s needs. The platform serves as a communication hub for employees, a dashboard for platform managers and includes various tools for developers. The platform integrates with over 500 tools and can be extended further with different systems, such as shift management, payroll, intranets or HR systems. Chatbots and the Worker Bee workflow system allows for a fast and easy flow of communication, while Beekeeper's robust survey tool allows for quick feedback. And, built into the platform, comprehensive analysis tools help organizations improve internal communication processes and better inform strategies.

The future of non-desk connectivity 

Beekeeper specializes in hospitality, manufacturing, and retail organizations. Current customers include Holcim, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and Seaboard Foods. Employees in 137 countries are connected with Beekeeper’s employee app.

“We are continually expanding our global target groups and continuing to keep pace with evolving client needs,” says Grossman, “Digitalization is boundless – and this boundlessness motivates us to continue developing our product.”


PHONE: +41 79 323 64 91