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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


Why is 70% of the Global Workforce Less Productive [Case Study]?

You may remember Sodastream from their querky Superbowl commercials. they’re the ones with the Superbowl commercial that exploded containers of carbonated beverage bottles.

When you manage 20-30 employees, fundamental shifts in company culture and procedures can be rapidly deployed and adopted throughout the entire workforce. On the other hand, large companies suffer from an inability to create and manage effective, meaningful, and sustainable communications with their deskless workforce.

How do you create a fast and effectively way to deliver company policies to all your employees? How do you manage daily changes in operational tasks and workflows and communicate those to relevant employees? How do you provide on-the-job training? How do you make sure employees are aware and complying with safety regulations?

Why is employee engagement so important?

Because, communicating with your employees, whether they are dispersed, deskless, or other, is increasingly difficult, and a “dis-engaged” employee is an ineffective and costly one.

Don’t take our word for it tough: According to a recent study, engaged employees have a productivity rate that is 70 percent higher than those of non-engaged workers. They also enjoy a 78 percent higher safety record, 44 percent greater profitability, 86 percent greater customer satisfaction, and 70 percent lower employee turnover.

The solution

Let’s recap the above real quick:


  1. Sodastream has a deskless workforce that works on the manufacturing floor.

  2. In addition, the organization is multi-lingual.

  3. High employee turnover rates are very common with a workforce that consists of mostly young Millennials.

  4. Present communication and training difficulties.

  5. The result is a disengaged workforce, and you should care because disengaged workers are 44% less profitable.


So how do we engage a workforce that is seemingly dis-engageable (if that’s even a word)? Enter, employee apps. Employee apps allow businesses to engage their workforce using the mobile devices they already use and love. 

Using an employee app, a company can create a mobile hub of operations where the workforce can communicate, collaborate, manage tasks, create workflows, and develop training modules for on-the-job training from anywhere – at anytime.

Considering the problems faced by Sodastream, Connecteam’s employee app was the obvious solution.


Employee engagement has gone through the roof. Almost every one of the deskless Sodastream employees has downloaded and logged into the ir employee app. But it gets better:

93% of employees log into the app at least twice a week and engage with the company news feed or access one of the training modules that they have been assigned by their supervisor.

This is where we repeat how studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive and efficient employees. They stay with your company longer and are happier but that’s not really necessary. Any manager or business owner can make that connection.

What is worth mentioning is that it’s becoming increasingly easy and cost effective for small businesses to improve their employee productivity and retention in the same ways that larger businesses do and have been doing for some time now using affordable tools like Connecteam


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