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18 & 19 SEPT 2019


The Virtual Venue World in 2017

In 2017 the way we manage and train staff will change. From virtual reality staff inductions to online interactive appraisals. Are you ready for the change? 

Whether you are running a bar, restaurant, large hotel chain or a conference centre we all face the same problems. Measuring hidden costs within your business is difficult and therefore most organisations don’t bother. Have you ever analysed the following and got a shock?

·         Employee induction or onboarding

·         Staff training

·         Costs associated with face-to-face training

·         Refresher training

·         Time wasted looking for training records

·         Staff retention

·         Staff engagement

·         Accident/incident reporting & management

·         Audits and inspections

·         Vendor or contractor controls

ProVenue have developed a Learning Management System, which incorporates all aspects of training & compliance and includes the ability to create a virtual replica of your venue.

Our Virtual Walkthrough Training is ideal for: induction training; emergency procedure training or even to showcase your venue to potential clients. You can now induct all your staff members at the touch of a button for them to complete before they even start work.

We have also developed a comprehensive incident & accident reporting system (ProIncident) and a brand new feature, ProAudit. This feature allows the clients to build any inspection or audit in minutes, and assign it to other users within the ProVenue system.

At ProVenue, our primary focus is Ease-Of-Use. Our Role-Based user interface places each of our Robust features within easy reach. ProVenue provides everything you need to create, deliver and track training in one easy-to-use system. We make learning interactive, engaging and fun, with our Gamification feature (optional).

Our PowerPoint Plug-In allows you to convert PowerPoint training into online courses with audio, video, quizzes, tests and more. Content created with our PowerPoint Plug-in can only be used within the ProVenue Learning Management System.

Set goals and objectives, and manage your workforce efficiently, using our comprehensive employee appraisal system. Maybe you just want to carry out a quick survey….. each can be created and assigned within minutes.

Have issues with vendors and contractors? These can also be managed within the ProVenue system, using ProContractor.

ProVenue works identically on all platforms, and features a responsive mobile interface for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. All of your training content and data is available from anywhere, anytime, in the cloud.

With the ProVenue LMS you can deliver content to one venue, or hundreds with completely separate, branded training portals for each if required.


To find out more watch our demo video here

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