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26 & 27 NOV 2019


The Baccarat Hotel in Manhattan offers Cutting Edge Technology

The Baccarat Hotel is renowned for being at the forefront of the hospitality industry and courtesy of automation design experts at Mode:Green the venue is now setting the precedent for hotel technology.

Mode:Green are leading innovators when it comes to the luxury hotel market and their latest project is testament to this. In perhaps their most testing challenge to date, given the sheer complexity of the requirements and no less than 17,000 devices in each room to contend with, Mode:Green set to work on creating a user friendly experience for both the staff and its guests.

Thanks to their extensive industry knowledge, Mode:Green were able to create a simple but high end system. Just a single iPad with custom interface alone has been employed to manage the entire system, enabling everything from the ln-pool speakers, lighting, spa, lobby and 28 music zones to be effortlessly controlled.

Now, upon their arrival, guests can enjoy a unique automated audio and lighting experience, such as a highly responsive hall light which is activated as the guests make their way through the hall and then deactivated when they enter their rooms. Every guest room can also be controlled by use of a single keypad, which can dutifully activate or deactivate a ‘do not disturb mode’, displaying a red light when activated to notify the staff.

Guests are also provided with a smartphone through which they can order room service, direct the lighting, control a TV that’s hidden behind a mirror and even enjoy an impressive light display courtesy of the world’s leading interior and lighting designers.

Since completing the project, Mode:Green have continued to work with Baccarat to makes sure that the system continues to operate at full capacity, by completing regular check ups and monitoring each part of the system.