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Visa Europe Introduce Payment Via Augmented Reality

Visa Europe and its innovation arm , Visa Europe Collab, have collaborated with visual discovery and augmented reality app Blippar to bring augmented reality to payments.

The payment solution was recently unveiled at a London fashion show, and will enable shoppers to instantly purchase garments off the backs of models.

House of Holland acted as the project's pilot fashion brand, with the technology now now being tested in a proof-of-concept launch in the retailer's menswear launch.

Visa Europe and Blippar have confirmed that plans are in place to open the technology up to other retailers on a wider scale later in 2017.

Paypal have been granted a patent for displaying information on products via augmented reality. The patent was filed in January 2016 and would allow users to see information about a product using an AR device.

Have a look at the video here:


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