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Optimising labour and eliminating waste in your restaurant

It’s a known fact that having the ability to optimise labour or reduce food waste has a huge positive impact on profit and having the right insights to be able to action this is the key to any successful business.

Waste related issues and ways to increase employee productivity are the areas that you can control with the right insights at the right time, based on data that you already have and all relevant external data. But how?

Enter DataProfit.

You have two major “cost centres” at your restaurant. One is food and beverage. The other is labour. Which one do you think is most challenging to control? If you said labour, either you’ve been running a restaurant for at least a while, or you have some genuine insight into the challenges of running a restaurant. Labour issues are still the major concern of most restaurant owners and managers. Labour costs are not just controlled by paying lower wages but through good scheduling and improving employee productivity. 

When it comes to food and beverage costs, on average 45% of food waste in the hospitality industry comes from food that has been prepared unnecessarily. Food and beverage costs can be controlled by having insight into what menu items are being sold at any given time. 

DataProfit Insights uses a comprehensive set of predictive and prescriptive actionable business insights, allowing you to make real time decisions based on all your data, improving the predictability of the forecasts and the understanding of the costs that can be influenced.

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