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Making digital signage go further

Digital signage can be instrumental in enticing people into your restaurant or QSR environment, from initial external first impressions to creating the mood through esteemed lifestyle imagery once inside. It can also be used to encourage interaction, through people engaging with displays and can be the connector between the real and virtual worlds, displaying social media channels for example and therefore encouraging diners to take part in conversations, extending the online reach.

These are all fantastic reasons for investing but, only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the more unconventional digital signage applications that we have seen.

On the box

KFC is using its digital signage network to deliver head office internal communications within individual store meetings. This ‘Meeting On The Box’ concept has negated the need for booking any external meeting spaces, investing in subsequent equipment and instigating companywide meetings, resulting in savings of time, money and infrastructure.

KFC recently became the first quick service restaurant chain to become completely digital across its entire UK and Ireland estate, following our work with them to transform 850 restaurants throughout 2015. Historically, KFC had relied on the post to pass staff communications from their head office to individual restaurants. This method had its pitfalls, as it was reliant on restaurant managers to consistently relay these messages to staff.

With the new Meeting On The Box initiative, all of KFC’s restaurants enabled with digital menu board technology are transformed into virtual meeting spaces through a centrally managed content system. By utilising the displays, KFC is able to ensure that its messaging is communicated accurately and consistently across the franchise direct from head office, while minimising misinterpretation. 

Story-telling systems

Restaurants are increasingly using displays to tell their story, as issues such as ethical sourcing, fresh ingredients and healthy cooking methods are becoming more frequently sought by consumers. To achieve this, the installation doesn’t have to be overly complex or stop business. We worked with Bubbacue in Belfast to tell their story of ‘smoked slow, served fast’ by installing an LG 84” UHD display which has a 4K resolution so allows the screen to be split into four, each of which are used to tell a different part of the story so when new guests arrive they are instantly immersed without having to wait for the reel to begin again.

Upselling at POS

Drive Thurs are also transitioning to digital displays to help them manage their menu changes throughout the day, which traditionally has been done manually. The real time nature of the digital content means that they switch instantly so there is no uncertainly when people get to the front about which menu they are ordering from. It also means the outlet can quickly add promotions, cool drinks in a heat wave for example, to drive impulse purchases.

It’s important to establish what you are hoping to get out of the system from the very beginnings of articulating a project. There are so many different options that go into creating a digital signage system – from the software, to the displays and media players – that a system is completely customisable to any budget or vision, as long as that’s made clear from the beginning. A digital signage solution can be as expensive or cheap as possible depending on your requirements, so buyers that are clear with their goals can progress easier and faster.

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