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UpsellGuru is a pre-arrival room upsell system that enables guests to bid on room upgrades.

More than 80 hotels in Europe and Asia are actively up-selling with UpsellGuru, significantly increasing their revenue & guest satisfaction.

This is how it works:

1) Hotel sets up their minimum and maximum upgrade prices and when they want to email the offers to their guests.

2) UpsellGuru will automatically send out emails with upgrade offers.

3) Hotel guests can offer their upgrade price & pre-book extra services (breakfast, transportation, room amenities).

4) The hotel decides if to accept or deny the upgrade offer.
If the offer is accepted, the guest will receive an upgrade for the additional price. If the offer is denied, their reservation remains as it was.

Excellent results with top producing hotels achieving up-selling revenues beyond GBP 10.000 per month.

Easy & fast setup with no setup fees or lock-in contracts and flexible pricing. UpsellGuru can be interfaced with several PMS providers to automate the process.

UpsellGuru also can handle the up-selling and cross-selling for events and meetings.

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