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Panasonic`s rugged Toughpad tablets and point-of-sale (POS) workstations take multifunctional performance way beyond what you`d expect from standard consumer devices. Their ability to perform in every environment - in store or dining areas, outdoors and in warehouses - makes them the perfect tool for work in all retail applications.

Critically, they help retailers deliver the omni-channel customer experience that sets successful businesses apart today. Even before the customer has arrived in your store or premises, they create an integrated, seamless series of interactions and touchpoints, combining the physical retail world with its digital online counterpart.

Panasonic equips retail managers and staff with reliable and tailored devices with high-visibility displays that are ideal for order taking in settings such as a restaurant chain or quick-service restaurants.

Thanks to Toughpad devices retail staff can access real-time information, allowing them to provide customers with in-depth product details and to maximise upsell opportunities at the point of service.

Rugged form factors mean Toughpad devices are sturdy but lightweight and mobile enough for store operations and warehouse usage.

Long battery life and integrated barcode readers, along with full Windows OS, mean retailers can manage multiple applications from a ingle device.

A range of specialised docking solutions allow the Toughpad devices to be transported and used safely and securely on the move or to become POS workstations.

Panasonic POS Workstations meet today`s market demands and help retailers in their daily business. Compatible with a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems, they features an all-in-one, flexible and modular design for the retail, quick service restaurant and hospitality industries.

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