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Neo Wireless

Give your guests the ultimate charging convenience with the Neo Wireless Charging Station in guest rooms and communal areas. Lighten the load for your guests and prevent them from having to carry charging cables and adaptors by providing a free charging point for their electronic devices when they need it most. The Neo Wireless Charging Station combines 5 charging points in one - with 4 USB charging points and a wireless charging pad to conveniently charge several devices at once without the need for multiple power points or messy charging cables.

Requiring just one fixed power point, Neo not only saves space but also provides a neat storage solution with its `stand and charge` design. Guests can simply plug in and go for quick and easy charging in guest rooms, lobbies and communal areas - perfect for family rooms or large groups.

The Neo Wireless Charging station also provides a neat and tidy charging solution for hotel employees in staff rooms, reception areas and restaurants. Neo combines 5 charging points into one convenient device, requiring just one fixed power point to save valuable space without compromising on safety. Charge and store up to 5 devices at once for a safe and convenient charging solution.

• Charging station - charge up to 5 devices at once (4 x USB ports & wireless charging pad)
• Wireless charging - wireless pad for Qi enabled devices with wireless adapters included
• Optimise space - stand and store charging devices using just one fixed power point
• Clean design - easy to clean with short USB cables to prevent tangling
• Safe and secure - anti-skid feet and silicone gel top coating to secure devices in place
• Drive hotel traffic & increase spend - offer customers free charging points for their devices
• Improve customer experience - offer free charging as a USP for your business
• Social atmosphere - group charging for a more sociable environment
• Increase staff morale - offer your staff members convenient charging whilst they work
• Simple installation - no costly, technical installations to integrate wireless charging

Neo is available in an array of colours (green, grey and orange) and each kit is provided with supporting USB charging cables and wireless adapters for both Apple and Android devices. Each USB port is also compatible with regular USB charging cables to support an array of different devices, including hand-held games consoles and MP3 players.

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