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HOMI UK (Europe)

HOMI manufactures and operates F&B In-Room solutions for hotels.

Hotel Guests in tens of thousands rooms around the world, enjoy HOMI`s innovative F&B solutions. With the recently changed management, we are proud to present a fresh new atmosphere and innovated product portfolio.

We are Small Enough To Care, Big Enough To Deliver!

HOMI`s new professional portfolio includes 3 great things to your Business:
1) Best-in-Breed Product line - We manufacture and sell a variety of Automated Minibars and F&B In-Room products
2) Upgrade - Coming soon. Turn your Manual Minibar into an Automated Minibar in a click! Contact us to learn more.
3) Operate Outsourced System - We manage and run the Minibar services in dozens of hotels around the world already, lowering your OPEX overhead, managed by an experienced professional team.
Our 5 Elements Vision:
We believe that our products and services should meet the following 5 Elements in each implementation:
• More business
• Higher revenues
• Outstanding Service
• Minimum OPEX and CAPEX
• Simplify Logistics Distribution

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