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Dmbook Pro

Our virtual hotel assistant efficiently tracks and organise anything happening in your hotels from complaints, to procedures, events or lost and found items and gives you powerful analytics.

The hospitality industry has changed drastically over the last 10 years. One of the biggest change is online reviews. Today, hotels live and die from those reviews. But while you should focus on managing your online reputation, on giving your hotel guests more technology, you should not forget that the real issue lies offline: the hotel staff workflows and how hotels are managed.

After 10 years working in a variety of chain scale hotels, Bruno realised that hotels all over the world still mostly rely on traditional tools such as notebooks, sticky notes, emails & spreadsheets to communicate internally between teams & shifts. Bruno then came to a simple realisation: the lack of technology broadly available to the hotel teams versus the overflow of technology used by the guests was creating more challenges than it ever resolved.

The real opportunity for the industry forward is in using technology to assist the hotel managers and their teams in the day to day operations so that they can focus on the big picture. Only with the extra help, in an industry crippled by high staff turnover and understaffing issues, hotels can start to take preventing actions and ensure they offer their guests the best possible experience.

Dmbook Pro (short for Duty Manager Book Pro) offers an effortless solution for duty managers and hotels managers to communicate and manage their teams working around the clock through a one-stop-shop platform that organises the daily flow of information. The platform analyses the information in real time and acts as digital manager to alert, notify and remind the staff in the hotel of ongoing events and issues.

Through the use of our product, your hotel managers get powerful real-time analytics they never had access to before empowering them to increase customer satisfaction, staff efficiency and reduce their operational costs.

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