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A mobile guest experience at almost no investment costs! 4Suites is reshaping the guest experience with mobile access technology. It works with every door and every lock, regardless of the currently implemented hardware. Current locks will stay operational as well which means no replacement costs. But keyless access is just the beginning. The mobile technology of 4Suites is an efficient and powerful all-in-one solution suitable for hotels who want to improve their customer service and room rate margins by applying the latest mobile technology.

Just imagine. You completely bypass the hotel reception desk and go directly to your room. You unlock your hotel room door using only your smartphone. The room has the exact temperature you like set automatically. The music you were listening to in your car continues playing on the rooms audio system as you enter. Your favorite drinks are in the minibar and you fall down on the perfect mattress with extra soft pillows. You send a chat message to the front desk telling them that you`re heading down to the restaurant for a cold drink and your favorite sandwich. In the meantime you reserve breakfast for the next morning through the 4Suites app. Everything is exactly as you like it: personal, no hassle and simply arranged straight from your smartphone

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