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26 & 27 NOV 2019


Technology Innovation Awards

In an industry saturated by a constant influx of new products, our innovation awards seek to celebrate the groundbreaking developments which are making waves at the very forefront of the hotel and spa sectors.

With three awards up for grabs at this year’s event, nominees are those whose products or services are enabling hotels and spas not only to attract, but also to accommodate more customers at a higher level than ever before.

This is an invaluable opportunity for our visitors to take their industry knowledge beyond the present and into the future, and gain that crucial upper hand in an increasingly competitive market! Plus, with each finalist showcasing their product or service to a panel of industry giants in front of a live audience, the awards make for an entertaining and educational break from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.

Make your way to the Awards Area #4670 and witness first-hand the future of the industry!

25th of September at 11.00 - Product Of The Year Award
26th of September at 11.00 - AI Award
26th of September at 14.00 - Automation Award

This year’s award categories are:

Product Of The Year Award

AI Award

Automation Award

Product Of The Year Award - 25th of September - 11.00:

This award is a celebration of the product which has improved the efficiency, productivity and/or profitability of hotel operations through transformative technology, revolutionising the future of the hotel industry.

2018 Winner

  • GestureTek


    Stand No: 4770

  • 2018 Nominees

  • Fitbank Health Group

    Fitbank Health Group

    Stand No: 4280

  • Fastpoint


    Stand No: 4624

  • GestureTek


    Stand No: 4770

  • Aquavision


    Stand No: 4601

  • Mymanu Limited

    Mymanu Limited

    Stand No: 4452

  • Blue Castle Group

    Blue Castle Group

    Stand No: 4600

  • Spanlite


    Stand No: 4412